Saturday, June 22, 2013

Lilla Rogers...Making Progress...


Here is some more work from the class that I am taking through Lilla Rogers. The first is a cover design for a book about a terribly grumpy old snail and a lovely rose tree. The second image is a spread from the same book. I decided to turn in the cover instead of the spread because....well...I just liked it better. The last is a plate design. I am having a lot of fun in the class. It is, however, really hard. That brings us the the pictures below. My husband travels with a  ministry all summer and my ten month old and I travel with him. It's great, but taking an online art class from a cabin or hotel room, with a baby has proven to be a challenge. These are pics of my little one telling me I have to stop sketching and pay attention to her now. :)

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